Get the girl and the job in Lisbon

A moody Lisbon on Jan 1st: balmy air to soothe the hungover

Spending New Years in Lisbon was tempting. To flee the icy Northern temperatures with a good friend and to head out without a winter jacket on December 31st. It was also a great opportunity for me to take a break from the endless job hunt, the tedious process of writing cover letters and the applications to graduate schemes.

Fast forward three nights and we had spent the past 72 hours either drinking, eating or sleeping. (Actually, we walked around town a lot too.) But guess what? We’re doing it again!

We end up in a techno club at 4 a.m, quite intoxicated. I spot a girl by the wall, I go to say hi. Kissing ensues and intimacy grows.

‘Wanna chill at my hotel?’ I ask.

‘Yes’ she answers ‘but there’s something you should know: …. I’m a transsexual.’

And boom, that’s one I hadn’t checked off my bucket list (partly because it was never on it in the first place.)

I step back and feel the shock run through my body. But I repress that and act polite.

‘Ummm really!?’

Honestly – really? Well actually, her hands had felt quite big come to think of it.

‘Yes, I take hormones. I will have an operation soon.’

Oh, I see, the operation to remove the willy, right, of course.. *scratching chin* So I’ve spent a quarter of an hour snogging a girl who has a willy. Excelente!

‘Umm, this is very new to me… It was great to meet you, you are a really nice person. However, I’ll be heading off now.’

In the cab back to the hotel, it dawned on me: “Oh my, I accidentally landed on the lady-boy graduate scheme.”

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