Darker Stout’s outlook

When you talk about blogging, you think about a target audience.

When I launched Darker Stout, I just figured sharing funny experiences and stories would attract quite a few readers.

As a friend put it: “Who doesn’t like stories about transsexuals and lad culture!?”

To which I answered: “Is that sarcasm?”

This friend is always ironising on things, so I’m never quite sure.

“No no! It wasn’t meant to be sarcastic although it did seem that way.”

Ha! Exactly.

Darker Stout wants to make you laugh, if only get a chuckle or a giggle out of you.

Human beings differ from other species, in that they are the only species that can laugh.

OK that’s getting a bit too documentary-style and that’s not what’s planned. This isn’t Vice’s depressing documentation of the brutal Philippines drug war. Nor is it the simple memes posted on 9Gag.

Darker Stout is closer to the movie In Bruges, with dark humour paving the way for a look at modern life with a smirk on your face.