Une Image et Une Phrase: the concept


A picture and a sentence. What does that make you think of?

Today’s social media platform of course.

Instagram especially, where pictures and their captions have a life of 4 hours (apparently), before disappearing into the vacuum of ‘there are 60 posts per second on Instagram’ and 50% of those are teenage selfies. That’s my impression at least.

So let’s take it back a bit. Remove the branding. And hell, let’s even use French.

Let’s remind ourselves that before technology gobbled us all up and sold us the dream ‘we can all be artists now we have a camera, and we can show off to the whole world via Internet,’ there was the world of craftsmanship, where things went a bit slower.

Let’s think of a small provincial town in the south of France, where painters brush away, without being hurried by any ‘your work will be worthless after 4 hours; therefore you should be churning this out; not quality, quantity please.’

And equally as important – and as Maupassant, Faubert and Balzac would – let’s get that one sentence of prose right.